Syllabus of QA/QC Electrical Course of Advance Electrical Design Institute

AEDEI: Syllabus of QA/QC Electrical Course

Module 01- Electrical Engineer QA/QC Introduction of Industries
  • About the standard in industries(IS,IEC,IEEE, NFPA, NEMA, NEC, ANSI)
  • Switchyards
  • Oil gas plant
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing industires
  • Power plants
  • Oil refinery
Module 2 - project quality control requirements
  • Plans development requirements for review
  • Conformance to cad standards
  • Plans reviews
  • Design documentation requirements
  • Quality control responsibilities
Module-3- quality control reviews
  • Design review requirements of Electrical apparatus
  • Phase reviews Electrical Engineering
  • Review process of Plant
  • Review reports of Electrical Equipment
  • Checking of Electrical drawings
Module-4 : Primary equipment of Switchyard
  • Testing of ISO
  • Testing of LA
  • Testing of CB
  • Testing of TRF
  • Testing of CT & PT/CVT
Module-5: Secondary Equipment of Switchyard
  • Relay Panel
  • Control Panel
  • Metering /MMF pane
  • Testing of RELAY/IED -Secondary Injection Kit
Module-6 right-of-way, constructability, and bidability reviews
  • Right-of-way reviews
  • Constructibility review
  • Bidability review
Module-7 method of documentation of comments, coordination and responses
  • Documentation of comments and responses
  • Requests for changes to the scope
Module-8 - quality assurance
  • QA of consultant projects
  • reviews of consultant designs electrical Basis
Module-7 process improvement Oil and Gas
Module- 9 Audit
  • Management review
  • Internal and external project audit
  • Audit scheduling
  • Audit planning
  • Audit personnel
  • Audit reporting
  • Audit follow-up
  • Interlock checking of Main ISO, CB and ISO E/S
  • Testing from Manual , Electrical (Local and Remote)
  • Cable Continuity testing (Point to point basis) - Applicable for both Power and Control cable
  • DC Equipment Testing : Battery and battery charger testing