Syllabus of Technical Transform Design

AEDEI: Syllabus of Technical Transform Design(TTD)

Chapter- 1 Transformer Fundamentals

  • Applications and Types of Transformers
  • Principles and Equivalent Circuit of a Transformer
  • Representation of Transformer in Power System
  • Open-Circuit and Short-Circuit Tests
  • Voltage Regulation and Efficiency
  • Parallel Operation of Transformers

Chapter-2 : Magnetic Characteristics

  • Construction
  • Hysteresis and Eddy Losses
  • Excitation Characteristics
  • Over-Excitation Performance
  • No-Load Loss Test
  • Impact of Manufacturing Processes on Core Performance
  • Inrush Current
  • Influence of Core Construction and Winding
    Connections on No-Load Harmonic Phenomenon Transformer Noise

Chapter-3 Impedance

  • Reactance Calculation
  • Different Approaches for Reactance Calculation
  • Two-Dimensional Analytical Methods
  • Numerical Method for Reactance Calculation
  • Impedance Characteristics of Three-Winding Transformer
  • Reactance Calculation for Zigzag Transformer
  • Zero-Sequence Reactance Estimation
  • Stabilizing Tertiary Winding

Chapter-4 Eddy Currents and Winding Stray Losses

  • Field Equations
  • Pointing Vector
  • Eddy Current and Hysteresis Losses
  • Effect of Saturation
  • Eddy Loss in a Transformer Winding
  • Circulating Current Loss in Transformer Windings

Chapter-5 Stray Losses in Structural Components

  • Factors Influencing Stray Losses
  • Overview of Methods for Stray Loss Estimation
  • Core Edge Loss
  • Stray Loss in Frames
  • Stray Loss in Flitch Plates
  • Stray Loss in Tank
  • Stray Loss in Bushing Mounting Plates
  • Evaluation of Stray Loss Due to High Current Leads
  • Measures for Stray Loss Control
  • Methods for Experimental Verification
  • Estimation of Stray Losses in Over excitation Condition
  • Load Loss Measurement

Chapter-6 Short Circuit Stresses and Strength

  • Short Circuit Currents
  • Thermal Capability at Short Circuit
  • Short Circuit Forces
  • Dynamic Behavior Under Short Circuits
  • Failure Modes Due to Radial Forces
  • Failure Modes Due to Axial Forces
  • Effect of Pre-Stress
  • Short Circuit Test
  • Effect of Inrush Current
  • Split-Winding Transformers
  • Short Circuit Withstand
  • Calculation of Electrodynamic Force Between
  • Parallel Conductors
  • Design of Clamping Structures