Why Electrical System Design

The AEDEI Electrical Design Engineering Training program has adopted the following objectives to Skill development exciting Carrier interests of our students and the industries.
a) To provide our Electrical Design engineers a solid foundation in engineering Design, including job oriented programs of electrical engineering. This foundation is necessary to succeed in more advanced design engineering courses and to be able to continue learning throughout a career.

b) Breadth — To provide our Design engineers the sufficient breadth in electrical Design engineering in order to understand engineering tradeoffs that cross disciplines, to contribute effectively to multidisciplinary projects and to make an informed decision about their area of specialization.

c) Depth - To provide our Electrical Design Engineers with sufficient depth in a specific area of electrical design engineering necessary to solve complex real-world engineering problems and to contribute to a specific discipline within electrical engineering.

d) To provide our graduates with a basic understanding of, and ability to handle correctly, ethical problems that may arise during their careers. To provide them with an understanding.
If you are looking to develop your skills and job oriented this course is for you.

Our 1.5Motnh Advance Electrical Design course will provide you with all the necessary information and knowledge to design and erect an electrical installation, with the focus being on all electrical system design and management, taking account of environmental influences, routing and suitability for purpose.