Sefety in Power Distibution System Training


Safe working on electrical power distribution system and equipment of a plant are critical issues which are now a days The engineers, supervisors, electricians and other plant personal must be aware of the essential safety precautions, safe working procedures, safe tools and tackles etc required to prevent any accident /mis-happening. Engineers and supervisors must also be aware of essential safety rules and regulations, to be followed in the plant at each and every step. The course covers practical aspect& overall view of electrical safety requirements, Indian Electricity Rules 1956 updated. Who Should Attend This course is intended for engineers, supervisors, electricians and technicians that are involved in equipment selection, maintenance and operation of these equipment and protection of industrial and utility power systems. The participantsshould have basic knowledge of power system equipment.

    Module 1 :
  • What is safety & why safety
  • Overview of Electrical power system
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment & safety issues
  • Hazards of electrical leakage current, its effect on human body
  • Shock treatment awareness and its training
  • Basic electrical Maintenance and safe working procedure
  • Essential safety gadgets, equipment& tools for substations
  • Safe Work place conditions / Safe Dress code
  • Earthing of Electrical systems &equipment
  • Lightning arresters & earthing
  • Safety related to fire & firefighting equipment
  • General Precautions related to safety, DO’s and Don’ts on electrical systems
    • Module 2:
    Indian Electricity Rules 1956,Important safety points from:
  • General Safety Requirements
  • General Conditions Relating To Supply and Use of Energy
  • Electric supply lines, systems and apparatus for low and medium voltages
  • Electric supply lines, systems and apparatusfor high and EHT voltages
  • Overhead lines & underground cables