Syllabus of Railway and metro Traction Electrification Engineering & Design Course

AEDEI: Syllabus of Railway and metro Traction Electrification Engineering & Design Course

Module-1 Power supply arrangements traction substation (TSS/PSS/RSS)

  • Type of Existing Substation
  • Spacing and location of traction substation
  • Energy consumption calculation
  • 25 kV Supply at Traction Substations(220kV/132kV/110KV/66V to 25 KV )
  • Selection and sizing of Traction switchgears
  • Selection and sizing of DP isolator and SP isolator
  • Selection of Busbar
  • Selection and sizing of CT and PT
  • Selection and sizing of LA
  • Selection and sizing of Breaker
  • Selection and sizing of Traction transformer
  • Bus coupler interrupter
  • Sizing calculation of control panel
  • Sizing of earthing calculation/ earth mat design
  • DSLP calculation
  • Illumination design
  • Control room design
  • DC battery bank Sizing calculation
  • Relay co-ordination for system protection
  • Cable Sizing calculation

Module-2 Selection of traction overhead equipment (OHE)

  • Design criteria OHE sectors and selection of equipment
  • Feeding and Sectioning Arrangements
  • Overhead Electrification and Catenary Lines
  • Sub sectioning & parallel substation (SSP)
  • Sectioning and paralleling post (SP)
  • Bridging interruptor
  • Neutral section
  • Protection of OHE equipment’s
  • Substation scheme Lighting Arrestor
  • Auxiliary supply transformer design at post end
  • Potential transformer design at each sub -sector
  • Design and monitoring of interrupters
  • Booster Transformer selection
Module-3 Selection and sizing of signaling/ monitoring equipment
  • Materials Used in Cables
  • Scheme of signalling
  • Selection of Remote Control Centre (RCC)
  • SCADA system
  • RTU selection
  • Communication Mode
  • Communication Facilities
  • Train Control/Section Control:
  • Dy. Control Telephone:
  • Stock Control Telephone
  • Traction Loco Control
  • Traction Power Control
  • Emergency Control Circuit
  • Hot Line Communication
  • Walkie Talkie sets

Module-4 Electro Magnetic Interference & Electro Magnetic Compatibility
  • Permissible limit of EMI and EMC
  • Permissible capacitively – coupled current
  • Coupling between circuits
  • conductive coupling
  • Electrostatic induction

Module-5 Railway Clearance crossing regulation

  • Overhead crossing of power lines
  • Recommendation of underground line buried near railway track
  • Overhead transmission line clearance and ROW

Module- 6 Costing and Bill of material(BOM) of Traction System
  • Costing and BOQ of Traction substation(TSS)
  • Costing and BOQ of OHE system
  • Costing of electrical equipment’s

Software : Auto CAD,ETAP Train Power Simulation - eTraX™
Reference code and standard : Railway Board and Research Design and Organisation (RDSO), Indian electricity rule 1956, Indian Bureau of Indian standard (BIS)