Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Design Training Course

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Today is the world of architecture and building where complex buildings are being erected day by day. Taller structures have even become the icon of development of a country. This answers the great importance given to construction related works and the huge demand for efficient and experienced workers in the field. In most developed and fast growing countries there are huge demands for experienced Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) workers on huge projects such as the construction of airports, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and such where central air conditioning system is applied.

AEDEI is providing MEP Engineering deals with Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems which have a vital role in the building industry.

In Mechanical part includes heating, ventilating and cooling systems often referred to as HVAC. HVAC design Engineering is the major sub discipline of Mechanical Engineering based on the principles of thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics and heat transfer. A Buildings heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system creates a climate that allows for maximum comfort by compensating for changing climatic conditions. An efficient HVAC Design Engineer must need to know how to make indoor comfort with operational savings and energy efficiency as well as how to create blue prints for projects using computer aided design .

in the Electrical Designing , construction, and practical use of electrical systems. Electrical system design deals with analysis and application of Power transmission and Distribution, Lighting systems, telecommunication, fire alarm systems, Closed Circuit Television and Public addressable systems.

In Plumbing part usually deals with water distribution and drainage systems, CP & Sanitary fixtures orientation design, waste water treatment process and fire fighting

There is a huge demand for skilled MEP Professional workforce on enormous projects like Residential, Commercial , Airport, schools, hospitals, malls, etc.

Advance institute will provide opportunities for engineer to develop your skill in MEP and make carrier in projects like Residential, Commercial, Airport, schools, hospitals, malls, etc.