Floating Solar Power Plant Training Course

Solar power plant design course in delhi

 New courses and subjects should have a well structured syllabus and faculty that is well versed in the subjects knowledge and Advance Electrical Design And Engineering Institute provides you with that study material which will cherish by you for life. Floating Solar Power Plant brings a new technique of Solar Energy into consideration with is beneficial in every aspect and there should be a learned team to explain it deeply for people who are looking a professional career in this field.

       Adding a new professional experience will add more opportunities and scope for you in future and this new advanced solar design plant course is in demand nowadays so learning this course will be beneficial for you in every way.

Advance Electrical Design And Engineering Institute's Offline and Online course gives the students a chance to attend classes and get a detailed theory and practical explanation Of the plant with it’s every piece and instrument's dissected clarification. Our faculty and staff have been chosen specially to give you ample of knowledge in this subject and our Institute not only gives classes but also provides with study material which comes handy when Designing for Solar floating Plant

Floating Solar Power Plant is structured in water reservoirs and helps from land wastage and since the entire plant is environment friendly it’s floating body is resistant towards natural conditions such as ultraviolet radiation, ozone, acid, alkali and salt. No hazardous substance polluting the water will be precipitated. Altogether this power plant create more job opportunities and better working environment away from all the hazardous situations.

Technical Aspect of Solar Floating Power Plant

The course contents of solar floating training Delhi considered training module d such type easy to design and conceptual understanding of floating solar power . floating training courses focus on latest technology of pontoons available on market. The Solar floating power plant Design training in Delhi is to calculate criticality of Pontoons Buoyancy according to bathymetry survey / report also connection arrangement and engineering drawing for solar floating plant Design.

Advantages of Floating Solar Power Plant Design
  • One of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of floating solar power plants globally is their non-reliance on large tracts of land for setting up the power plant. In most countries across the world, land is a prized commodity. In island nations like Japan and Indonesia land is scarce. Floating solar power plants can be installed in natural and man-made water bodies like lakes, dam reservoirs, water treatment plants, municipality water storage ponds amongst others.
  • Higher Efficiency of Panels – The cooling effect of water on the installed PV modules, helps reduce thermal losses which increases the efficiency of panels. Plant operators claim higher efficiencies in the range of 5-16% from floating solar power plants compared to land based PV plants
  • Longer Module Life – The cooling effect on modules slows down long term heat induced degradation of solar modules thereby leading to higher module and plant life        
  • Water Conservation – Floating solar power plants can help reduce evaporation from water bodies. Since, most solar power plants are installed in inland fresh water bodies, they can help conserve water for human use in urban and arid regions. Some studies have claimed reduced evaporation of water of upto 70% from water bodies with floating solar PV systems
  • Easy Cleaning & Less Water Consumption – Regular cleaning of solar modules is easier as water is readily available. Also, water loss is lesser as the water used in cleaning the panels goes back into the reservoir.