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Electrician technology is very important and essential throughout the world. Presently without electrical technology we cannot move a single step. Specially for domestic purpose, factories (small or big) offices and in any organization, electricity is very important. In this technology these also three steps, which are most important, They are :

1. It is very essential for this house hold purpose. Without house electrician not a single domestic work can be performed. Today each and every work is related with the electrical power, which is performed by the house electrician. But house electrician that must be trained and knowledgeable, so that they can do all important and essential work related with electricity.

2. The trained and well known technician, knowing all about the electrical work either in Industries or small and big factories, such type of electrician should be so trained, who can solve the problem just after finally the fault in the system. They should be capable to attend the different types of role like- Auto, Semi auto, CNC, even electronics related jobs and computerized role , can be attended and rectifier the deflects.

3. This is the important part of the electrical technology. Each and every electrical parameter are controlled by the Instrument Technician. Any depict problem in the instrument line testing, repairing, calibrating and rectifying the faults is the important roll of the technician. Such type of trainee is give in our institute, leave all types of facilities, which is thought by the trained or knowledgeable persons.

Advance Electrical Design and Engineering Institute offers one Month basic training program for those Diploma, who want to be get in the profession of Electrician. We provide the complete training on Electrician & after completion of training, Certificate is awarded to candidates. We also provide the campus facility into the different companies for those students who complete the training successfully. We are one of the leading Electrician training institutes in Delhi, India.

Syllabus Outline of Electrician Training Course Program

  • Electrical safety.
  • Principles of DC/AC electricity with protection (Electrical shock, Thermal, U/V, Earth Leakage )
  • National Electrical Code (IS- 732 -1989)
  • Cabling and wiring (Internal Wiring and Outdoor wiring)
  • Illumination design calculation and its drawing (Lighting SLD , Lighting Layout (Indoor and Outdoor with BOM)
  • Building earthing with BOM (Standard material reqd)
Course Duration: One Months