Syllabus of Hybrid electric Vehicle Design Course

AEDEI: Syllabus of Hybrid electric Vehicle Design Course

Chapter 1 -Introduction: Electric Vehicle

  • History
  • Components of Electric Vehicle
  • Comparison with Internal combustion Engine : Technology
  • Comparison with Internal combustion Engine: Benefits and Challenges
  • EV classification and their electrification levels.
  • EV Terminology

Chapter - 2. Motor Torque Calculations For Electric Vehicle

  • Calculating the Rolling Resistance
  • calculating the grade resistance
  • Calculating The Acceleration Force
  • Finding The Total Tractive Effort
  • Torque Required On The Drive Wheel

Chapter- 3. Electric Vehicle Architecture Design

  • Types of Electric Vehicle and components
  • Electrical protection and system requirement
  • Photovoltaic solar based EV design
  • Battery Electric vehicle (BEV)
  • Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV
  • Fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV)
  • Electrification Level of EV
  • Comparison of fuel vs Electric and solar power
  • Solar Power operated Electric vehicles

Chapter- 4. Electric Drive and controller

  • Types of Motors
  • Selection and sizing of Motor
  • RPM and Torque calculation of motor
  • Motor Controllers
  • Component sizing
  • Physical locations
  • Mechanical connection of motor
  • Electrical connection of motor

Chapter 5 - Energy Storage Solutions(ESS)

  • Cell Types (Lead Acid/Li/NiMH)
  • Battery charging and discharging calculation
  • Cell Selection and sizing
  • Battery lay outing design
  • Battery Pack Configuration
  • Battery Pack Construction
  • Battery selection criteria

Chapter 6 -Battery Management System(BMS)/Energy Management System (EMS)

  • Need of BMS
  • Rule based control and optimization based control
  • Software-based high level supervisory control
  • Mode of power
  • Behavior of motor
  • Advance Features

Chapter 7 - Control Unit

  • Function of CU
  • Development Process
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Data Management

Chapter-8. Electric Vehicles charging station

  • Type of Charging station
  • Selection and Sizing of charging station
  • Components of charging station
  • Single line diagram of charging station

Chapter-9.INDIAN and GLOBAL Scenario

  • Technology Scenario
  • Market Scenario
  • Policies and Regulations
  • Payback and commercial model
  • Payback and commercial model
  • Polices in India
  • Software :Ansys/CAD/Solid Work
ef. Std. IEC IEC 60068-2 (1,2,14,30),IEC 61683,IEC 60227,IEC 60502 IEC 60947 part I,II, III ,IEC 61215