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Advance Electrical Design & Engineering institute offering following Online courses for Engineering Professional.

List Of Online Courses

Education lets you earn a graduate degree while maintaining your career momentum. The convenience and flexibility of Purdue Electrical Engineering distance education means there’s no need for you to take a leave of absence from work to pursue a valuable Designing opportunity. And because there are no residency requirements, you can take our classes from anywhere in the world.
Fully online courses are very affordable, offer remote study options and deliver a wide range of unique skills in a time. Flexible application dates provide an easy way to specialize in a new field without having to change your regular work schedule. In contrast to traditional on campus academic studies provided by the AEDEI
The AEDEI, style of delivering it's distance learning courses is called 'supported open learning'. This means that you study on your own, either at home or wherever suits you – reading, watching or listening to material supplied, doing activities and assignments with regular support from your tutor.

  • Open learning means that you will be learning in your own time by reading study material, working on activities and writing assignments
  • Supported means support from AEDEI a tutor and from other staff based at Delhi Center
  • We have facility to submit the query on line system of chat on our website

Our online induction program will help get you off to a great start before your study begins. You can work through the program in your own time, helping you to familiarize yourself with distance learning and your chosen subject, and understand how to get the best out of your time studying with the AEDEI.
Supported learning center from AEDEI
For every module you study, you’ll have a tutor, who will give you guidance, offer advice, and provide comprehensive feedback on your coursework. They will also be your first point of contact for help with any module-related or study issues. Your tutor can be contacted by email or phone , and will lead group tutorials and seminars. They are often online, available for phone conversations or accessing their email during normal India working hours.
Conference help and advice by tutor
We have a huge range of online information and advice, so you needn’t worry if you have an urgent question and the time of day means you cannot call. Most of your questions will already have been asked and answered, and you’ll find them online Chat system.
once you’ve applied for your place at the place you’ll have access to even more online resources, such as:
• Technical help desk
• Learner support advisers
• Available country-specific career information

Technical Help
The Technical Helpdesk is now available to answer queries by phone or email at the following opening times (India GMT times):

Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 18:30

Saturday and Sunday: 8.30– 18.30

Bank holidays: 12:00 – 16:00

This means that support now starts at 10am rather than 6.30am during the week and opening hours have been reduced at weekends. 

"These new times follow a review of demand for the support services offered by the Technical Helpdesk and we are confident that the new opening times will meet the requirements of students and who use these services," says the Technical Helpdesk.
The Technical Helpdesk can provide one-to-one advice for issues such as:
• Electrical Designing Numerical Problems
• Application of particulars Chapter
• support and assistance with other IT services and applications
• Online software designing issue
The study experience with AEDEI
Study Materials
You will be taught through a range of printed study materials provided by Advance Electrical Design & Engineering institutes, which you will work through on a week-by-week basis.
The study materials we provide are of the highest quality, and they may include:
• specially written textbooks or workbooks
• online teaching materials
• Relevant computer software for the virtual class room
Depending on your courses , you may receive study materials by post. The materials we provide are yours to keep and to refer to whenever you wish.
You will also get access to a Course website where additional resources will be available. Sometimes there will be books you have to buy yourself or borrow from a local library. You will also have access to a range of resources from the AEDEI Library.
You will get a study timetable that will help you plan your reading, activities and assignments, and you will get information about how and when your tutorials will take place and for most modules when your interview will occur.
You will get the most benefit if you study actively, so it is good practice to treat printed study materials as workbooks: write notes on them, highlight sections, underline key points, make notes on the pages, add comments, or stick bits in.
Need a computer or Mobile
You will need regular and reliable access to the Internet and a computer/Mobile so that you can take full advantage of our online consultancy services. This includes online forums and our vast library, and you will also get access to support from your tutor and fellow Electrical Engineers
All our Courses have a website that will help you plan and organize your study and allow you to get involved with the AEDEI learning community – Entire in the world!
AEDEI Assessment and job Consultancy
You'll be asked to complete pieces of work that will contribute towards the completion of your Module . Your study timetable will include the dates by which you need to submit assignments.
An assignment is a piece of written work, covering material from your courses. Completing assignments helps you to consolidate and use what you have learned.
Interview Consultancy
After Courses complete periods are published up to a year in advance to setup a design engineering carrier and you will be give internal interview in AEDEI, The AEDEI help to push in interview in electrical verticals as per your expertise
Depending on your country of residence, you may need to apply location and interest area of electrical field jobs in your own country and this will be arranged individually AEDEI Engineers .
Contact Information for Online Courses
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